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Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus (The Chaos! Quincunx)

Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus - Garry Thomas Morse I received Minor Episodes through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program. It sounded intriguing and odd. From the blurb: "Minor Episodes documents the serial adventures of Minor, the ubiquitous “everymogul” who embodies the economic one percent and keeps musically erotic quixotics on tap. Having entered a “rent in time” that gives each chapter an alternate reality, Minor swaggers through an undersea casino, an in-flight blockbuster, a bawdy Western and a Kafkaesque job hunt, cavorting with billboard queen Bébé Lala and country-music legend Faith Faith, when not dressing down his shifty sidekick, The Concierge, or haunting the intensely disinterested songstress Miss Sharp. Danger looms in the form of The Stropper, a serial killer fresh out of a shaving promotion, and an enigmatic ginger-beer icon who has retired from a satisfying life of culinary assassinations." This is not a "normal" book. The language seems almost invented. Think a "new age" Finnegan's Wake. I thought I was up for it. The language is quite hypnotic. I found myself reading closely for 2 or 3 pages, at which point I'd realize I had no idea what I'd just read or what was supposed to be happening. The prose was quite interesting from a theoretical point of view; but in terms of having any idea what was going on, not so much. In the end i had to quit after 2 chapters. I just couldn't follow. A for experimental uniqueness; failing grade for a compelling read.