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Agincourt - Bernard Cornwell Very well done. Captures the gory details of medieval battle, and more interestingly to me, the characters seem medieval (rather than modern) in their thinking. The voice of Saint Crispin (& Crispinian) in Hook's ear was very nicely done. Cornwell seems fairly scrupulous in terms of historical accuracy with respect to the battle itself, and as well to the living conditions of the time. Somewhat surprisingly the siege of Harfleur takes up a huge chunk of the book, perhaps more than the battle of Agincourt itself (and to be fair real events had similar durations in time, the battle of Agincourt was only a few hours). Particularly enjoyed the rendering of the siege of Harfleur and the tunneling operations that were a part of it. Heading off now to re-read the Agincourt section of [The Face of Battle] by Keegan....