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Alive in Necropolis

Alive in Necropolis - Doug Dorst If you love Tim Powers, you will like this a lot. The book has great characters with very real flaws. Juxtaposed with those characters are denizens of a supernatural world that are jealous of those in the "real world". These ghosts (those who were buried in the San Francisco Cemetery Town of Colma are malicious, and fight amongst themselves as much as attending to the living. The interactions between the two worlds remind strongly of Tim Powers, and Dorst has the potential equal to the early novels of Powers. But the internal logic of this other world seem a bit vague and the interactions between the worlds is not nearly so carefully thought through as, say, Last Call or Declare. The novel feels rushed, even though it's 450 pages - but it's very strong for a first novel. Looking forward to his next outing.